I know there are a ton of blogs out there so I appreciate you visiting mine. I want to focus on the necessities for the fit fab women; fitness, fashion and beauty. But I have another topic I’d like to talk about regularly and that what I refer to as real talk. I think so often we look online and we see things we want but not validation of how were feeling, or the reality behind what is shown. I will also be showcasing Bargain shopping, I believe it’s important to have staple pieces but I don’t believe everything needs to be luxury to make you feel amazing. And this page is all about YOU feeling amazing, finding the best deals, and maybe learning a bit about each other along the way.

I myself am a fitness fein, travel junkie, fashion forward goofball. I try to keep a positive mindset as much as possible but allow myself to feel the lows because thats what helps us feel the highs. I love to push my boundaries and develop in new ways, and this blog is a perfect example of that, voicing my opinions, thoughts and favorite styles with horrible grammar (probably) and just hoping a few of you enjoy it.